Delivery and shipping costs at

DHL standard shipping (Paket national shipping) within Germany

Package weight Shipping costs 
up to 1,00 Kg. 4,15 EUR plus Tax
1,00 Kg. - 3,00 Kg. 4,70 EUR plus Tax
3,00 Kg. - 5,00 Kg. 5,80 EUR plus Tax
5,00 Kg. - 10,00 Kg. 7,05 EUR plus Tax
10,00 Kg. - 20,00 Kg. 10,70 EUR plus Tax
20,00 Kg. - 31,50 Kg. 12,80 EUR plus Tax

Deliveries over 31,50 Kg. are not possible via the shop. Contact us for larger order quantities and different shipping methods please. 

Payment Methods 

We offer the following payment methods: 

• PayPal

• Wire Transfer

Important Information about the payment methods: 


If you choose to pay via PayPal, the payment will be made via the PayPal payment service provider.

Your advantage: 
You provide no further data than your invoice and delilery adress to us. Which means guaranteed security and maximum comfort within your order. The Payment will be confirmed to us by PayPal within a few minutes, so your order can go on the journey soon.