M.A. Chenari

Accounting Manager

As commercial director, Mr. Chenari is responsible for all financial matters relating to administration in the company. As a finance professional, he bears the technical and operational responsibility for the commercial functional areas.


Abbas Mousavi

Purchasing Manager

As purchasing manager, Mr. Mousavi is in constant contact with our manufacturers in order to guarantee the quality of the products and good delivery conditions. In this role, he is also responsible for the consistent further development of the procurement strategy and for planning and controlling the procurement processes.

Nusha Chenari

Pharmacist and Medical Device Consultant

Nusha Chenari - Medizinproduktberaterin

Ms. Chenari specializes in medical devices and all related legal information. She is your contact for questions about the products. In addition, she develops measures to acquire new customers, maintains existing customer contacts and takes on the coordination and planning of sales strategies.


Navid Chenari

founding member

Navid Chenari - Werksstudent

Mr. Chenari takes care of the market analysis and research in the company so that we can always offer our customers the latest information and the best service. He also manages the server and system software.


Britta Moschiri

Back Office

Mrs. Moschiri supports the company's internal processes and helps maintain the website, which ensures a smooth workflow. She coordinates the problem-free cooperation between sales and the other interfaces.