Vaginal pH

The normal pH value of a healthy vagina normally has a value of 3.8-4.5. So it is in the acidic range. Lower values ​​are measured in the back of the vagina than at the entrance to the vagina. The acidic pH values ​​of the vagina are achieved through the natural vaginal flora, which is made up of different, naturally occurring microorganisms. Lactobacilli, also called lactic acid bacteria, make a large contribution to the production and maintenance of the vaginal flora. If these are in imbalance or if they are increased, for example when taking antibiotics, the pH value rises. This means an increased risk of bacterial or fungal infection. The value can also fluctuate due to the woman's menstrual cycle. In addition, an increased value can lead to complications during pregnancy.

So a pH value test provides certainty. These are provided with indicator paper. If these come into contact with vaginal secretions when they are inserted into the vagina, the color changes and the current pH value can be read off.

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