Pregnancy hormone HCG

The most frequently used method for the early detection of pregnancy is the detection of the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). This hormone is released after an egg is fertilized in order to prepare the body for an upcoming pregnancy and is only found in the body when one is pregnant.

The HCG can be detected about 9 days after fertilization of an egg cell in the blood and 14 days later also in the urine. Which is why you can only take a pregnancy test after 2 weeks of pregnancy with the help of a urine test.

Already knew?

There are a few rare exceptions in which a pregnancy test shows a positive result even without pregnancy, and indeed in men!

 It is usually assumed that a pregnancy test does not make sense for men anyway, because they do not have any eggs or anything. However, the HCG hormone can be produced in some tumors, such as testicular cancer. In such cases the test will also give a positive result.


Author: Nusha Chenari.

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